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Slim Casing Wireless Mouse Demo


Affinex introduced a low power, high performance, lithium battery equipped slim mouse. In its heart, this mouse is fitted with a low power LED based small form factor (SFF) optical sensor. The sensor is specially designed to operate in almost all type of surfaces. The slim mouse is specially equipped with 2 buttons which are scroll up and scroll down. These enable users to easily maneuver across excel spreadsheets, documents and webpage despite the absence of scroll wheel.

The mouse is cordless. Operating in 2.4 GHz radio frequency (RF) range, the mouse is designed to be exhibit low power consumption yet efficient wireless communication. The RF part can be easily tuned to increase or decrease effective antenna range via firmware fine tuning.

Powering up from a lithium battery, the mouse can be directly charged by plugging in an USB cable without the need to remove the battery like most of the AAA batteries based mouse in the market. Moreover, the mouse can be used while charging as well. Another advantage of using a lithium battery is that it enabled the mouse to be fitted in such a slim casing. In such slim casing, the mouse can be easily put in the pocket and carry around. Battery life is not a concern as the consumption is only 7mA in total and as low as 0.1mA while idling! Lastly, battery level is monitored and indicates via LED on the back of the mouse.

For engineering purpose, the mouse is designed in a way that the current consumption of each crucial component (MCU, RF and sensor) can be measured separately.






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