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A3455-M & 2718-M_Tester Interface Board AFX-8810 Series

Affinex came up with AFX-8810 as a breakthrough in I/O cards. AFX-8810 is a powerful high-speed multi-function digital I/O and timer cards for the PC/AT compatibles computer.

It targets up to 2 AFX-8810-JUNO cards to implement the digital I/O and timer function by CPLD. The programmable digital input and output logic design is highly suitable for LED tester application.

AFX-8810 card supports input state latching feature to facility software pooling only at necessary period and ease the PC software programming effort.

AFX-8810 tester interface card is ideal for situations where the budget-conscious user requires flexibility, stability and high-level of isolation protection. AFX-8810 comes with the AFX-8810-MAIN card, AFX-JUNO-8810 card and 2 SCSI-68 cable assemblies.


The modular design facilitates easy integration to external tester machine.

Output signal of AFX-POL-100 module can be linked to external tester interface card for test result processing and data analysis.

  1. Power supply input : 12V to 24VDC
  2. Test point : 1 DUT per time
  3. Output : 2 NPN output.  With 4 combinations of test result
  4. Adjustable point :

         a) Test Voltage : Adjustable 3V to 10V
         b) Upper Limit : Adjustable Upper Test Limit (0V to 10V)
         c) Lower Limit : Adjustable Lower Test Limit (0V to 10V)



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