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Ethernet IO GSM Device

Affinex Ethernet IO GSM Device enable you to connect equipment with simple I/O or Ethernet protocol over GSM, SMS and TCP/IP based networks. By merging wireless communications and Ethernet technology, AFFINEX Ethernet IO GSM Device simplifies connectivity, monitoring and controlling to devices in applications where mobility is required and cabling is impractical.

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Ethernet RF Switch Module

Affinex Ethernet RF Switch Module embedded with broadband non-reflective GaAs MESFET SP8T or SP4T RF switches. Covering DC to 8 GHz, this module offers high isolation and low insertion loss RF signal switching. If you looking to creating a switch system for RF application, this RF switch module enables you to build sparse and full RF matrices, bigger RF multiplexers, and custom RF switch configurations, while still maintaining your key specification.

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Auto Laser Power Calibrator

Laser Power Calibration Application has user-friendly PC application ease end-user in controlling and performing the laser power calibration process. This application provides options for user to define the setting and pass-fail criteria for the calibration process.

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Tester Interface Board AFX-8810 Series

Affinex came up with AFX-8810 as a breakthrough in I/O cards.
AFX-8810 is a powerful high-speed multi-function digital I/O and timer cards for the PC/AT compatibles computer. It targets up to 2 AFX-8810-JUNO cards to implement the digital I/O and timer function by CPLD. The programmable digital input and output logic design is highly suitable for LED tester application.

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LED Demo Kit

LED demo kit is introduced by Affinex. It is an unique LED demo design that incorporate various type of different color, different luminosity, different forward voltage or power LED in a single board. It features a number of push buttons that enable users to manually trigger the LED one by one.

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